Cold Emailing: Best 2019 Outbound Sales Automation Tools

Cold Emailing: Best 2019 Outbound Sales Automation Tools

Probably, you’ve already got used to the fact that sending out cold emails is very time-consuming. Indeed, when you manually do cold email outreach, the process can be quite daunting.

Fortunately, there are some very effective sales automation tools that can help to ease the process. We’ve looked through the most popular outbound sales software and decided to share their distinctive features and advantages, compelling you to test drive them before going for a particular solution that fits best your needs.


All you need to start using Mailshake is a Gmail account. The tool allows you to generate leads, set relationships and promote a specific content fast and easy. Besides that, it’s also a fantastic platform for cold email campaigns as it allows to automate follow-ups, keep track of emails, and pause any email or even an entire campaign.

The tool provides a plenty of pre-created email templates that can be easily personalized once you answer a few simple questions on:

– Content promotion

– Guest posts

– Lead generation

– PR Pitches

– Link building

As with other similar tools, Mailshake makes available detailed statistics on clicks and replies, stats on the progress of your emails, charts, and other relevant data. If needed, you can get the full history for any email thread in your campaign.

One of the newest features of Mailshake is the Lead Catcher. It allows you to specify certain criteria for the leads in order to adjust your campaigns. With the history of sent & received messages, you’ll never doubt the appropriate context for your next email.


Get instant results with Reply by boosting your sales outreach through emails’ personalization.

The system allows you to specify the sequence for follow up emails and then perform A/B tests to increase the conversions. The tool definitely helps to save the precious time you can spend on more important things than data entry or manual organization of the workflow.

What’s also great about Reply is that besides fast automated campaigns, it provides a thorough data report of each email campaign. You’ll be able to see active and paused leads, email open rate, stage of the campaign, delivery status, amount of bounced emails, and much more. It also allows pausing the automated follow-ups to those prospects who already responded to the previous email.


PersistIQ is famous for its unrivaled feature of measuring the so-called “human element” during the mass mailing campaigns.

The platform finds the duplicate names while you import the contacts, starts outbound personalized campaigns and then improves them, based on the data received.

Users also like PersistIQ for the seamless integration feature it has. For example, the tool can be synchronized with Salesforce to help you keep fresh records without the need for double data entry. It can also be integrated with Google Chrome in order to collect prospects’ data from websites like LinkedIn and automatically include them into email campaigns.

The only drawback of the PersistIQ is that it doesn’t provide tracking for the cold calls made to your company’s prospects. Often outbound sales involve both cold emails and cold calling; that’s why an all-in-one solution can probably be more efficient.


Another amazing tool for sales teams who need to boost their cold calls/emails outreach is Sendbloom. The key feature of this specific platform is segmentation.  

Thanks to high granularity level, Sendbloom can send completely personalized & relevant emails to your leads. This means you’ll be able to define whether your prospects prefer Mixpanel or KISSmetrics for analytics purposes, what type of software they use on their websites, and so on. This data can be very helpful, especially if you’re planning to reach the ones that already use a highly established solution and you want them to switch to your software. You’ll get an idea about their daily workflow. This information will help you send more personalized emails and as a result, increase the response rate.

Besides the benefits listed above, Sendbloom provides thorough data analytics that shows who exactly opened your emails, who sent a reply, what emails were bounced, etc.


Being one of the most popular tools for cold email campaigns, MixMax has a number of features that are successfully used by salespeople to get more deals.

Here are some of the best features:

1) Email tracker

By using an email tracker you can see when an email was opened and by whom. This option allows you to analyze the response rate and see what negatively affects the sales. For example, if the response rate is high, while the open rate is low, it probably means that the email is written well, but the subject line needs a correction. Besides the open rate, the tool also shows the geographic location data, so you can see where were your recipients when they opened the email.  

2) Send Later

“Send Later” is a scheduler of your email campaigns. You can set the tool to send the specific emails later to get a later delivery. For example, if you’ve prepared the email template in the evening, most probably you’d like it to be sent in the morning or even in the afternoon the next day. This is the time when prospects usually check their inboxes. The “Send Later” can be also used for various types of reminders.

3) One-Click Meetings

Setting the appointment date once your prospect agrees to get on the phone is really a daunting task if you do it manually, via email. The One-Click Meeting is a scheduling feature; it allows your prospects to set a meeting time on your calendar directly from the email you sent.

4) MixMax Sequences

Sequences is a golden feature in MixMax and cold email automation. By analyzing receivers’ behavior and responses through the Sequences, you can set the tool to send specific emails to particular people. This way you can personalize emails, automate follow-ups and integrate MixMax with Google Inbox, Gmail, and Salesforce.

5) Advanced embedding

Feel free to add PDFs, slide decks and other important data directly in your email. This means you don’t need to ask your recipients to follow the links, as they’ll see these directly in the emails.


An all-in-one tool, Outreach was created to ease the workflows for sales people. With Outreach you can make cold calls to any country, automate the cold email outreach and add social media as a part of the sales process. They also plan to add SMS integration along with the postcard and swag delivery in the nearest future. Just as Reply, Outreach also features automated email sequences for eventual customers.

Besides all that, Outreach provides you with the information about your recipients and other insights and patterns that help create highly personalized messages.  Virool sales managers say that the tool helps them to save an extra 2 hours every day and increase the number of qualified meetings by 3.5x.

With Outreach your company can address various prospects in a one-on-one way, thanks to its analytics and all other features provided.

Bizible has successfully converted more than 6% of prospects into appointments. With the help of Outreach, they made an A/B test of their email copies, subject lines, and automated email sequences. By setting a sequence they didn’t have to think about the lead type, and how to cycle among the prospects while copying and pasting an email template.

With all the wonderful features Outreach has, it is the most expensive among its competitors. Due to the price, it would probably fit bigger companies with a larger budget.

Cyrus Roepers

This is another effective tool for cold email outreach helping to avoid g wasted time on continuous repetitive work.

Cyrus Roepers will take care of your workflow, sending out cold emails and follow-ups fast and effectively. Many sales managers still do it manually, copying and pasting, adding data entries and continually checking the Inbox, then copying and pasting for the follow-up emails, and so on.

Fortunately, you can forget about the manual work with the Cyrus Roepers. The platform allows you to increase the volume of the emails sent, and spend less time on it.

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